One status update that will get me to hide you on Facebook... or not

There is no wrong way to use Facebook.

Plenty of people will tell you different. Countless blog posts have been written on the topic. Just this morning a friend of mine posted a link to an article titled "9 Status Updates That Will Make Me Hide You on Facebook." The nine ways were all the same things the 9,429,653 other posts on the subject have already complained about: minutiae, song lyrics, Farmville, politics, etc.

So hide me. I don't care. That's what the "Hide" button is there for. I've hidden plenty of people and applications from my news feed. I suspect plenty of my conservative friends have hidden me. It probably won't surprise them to know I've hidden many of them. It doesn't mean I don't like them or that they aren't my friends. And it sure as hell doesn't mean that I think they're using Facebook wrong.

I hid Farmville (and Mafia Wars and whatever that zombie game is) ages ago. I don't play those games, and I don't enjoy reading other people's updates about them. But I haven't hidden the Movies (aka Flixster) or Netflix apps because I happen to like movies and like to see what other people have to say about the films they see. That doesn't mean Farmville is "bad Facebooking" and Flixster is "good Facebooking." It just means that I happen to like one and not the other. Me. Just Tom. That's it. I could write a misanthropic blog post about how much Farmville makes me hate you or how "you're doing it wrong," which is the jump so many blog authors seem to make. But the truth is, if I played Farmville religiously, I might enjoy seeing my friends' updates on the game. And I'm sure plenty of my friends don't care one bit whether I liked "The Social Network."

It's all about personal preferences, and lucky for us Facebook offers some controls that let us craft a news feed that reflects those preferences. So hide me. I'm a liberal, atheist, sarcastic guy and I do play with song lyrics in my status updates from time to time. If that bugs you, so be it. I'm not all things to all people. But enough of my friends interact with me on these topics in intelligent and humorous ways that I know your annoyance isn't necessarily a universal norm. Hide me. I don't want to stand between you and a happy Facebook, and if you aren't my cup of tea, I'll hide you. But what I won't do is try to make you feel bad for being yourself on Facebook.

Unless you tell me I'm doing it wrong.