Social Scheduling and Personalized Event Management (Video)

With DrupalCamp L.A. 2010 coming up this weekend, it seemed like as good a time as any to post the video of my presentation from last year. I'm nothing if not timely. My presentation was titled "Social Scheduling and Personalized Event Management" and focused on how I built ScheduAALL. As you may recall, ScheduAALL was a personal conference planner I put together for attendees of the 2009 AALL Annual Meeting.

The video runs 56:45 and is a screencast of my live demo of the site along with the audio from the presentation. I built ScheduAALL with Drupal 6. Over the course of the hour I discuss several modules, including CCK, Date, Views, Content Profile, Workflow and Flag. Enjoy!

DrupalCamp L.A. 2009: Social Scheduling and Personalized Event Management from Tom Boone on Vimeo.